Effective Creative

Online advertising can deliver great results, but just like any media vehicle, under-performing creative can sabotage a campaign. Good strategy and effective creative execution are necessary ingredients to achieve success.
Below are four crucial elements of successful online advertising creative.

1) Know the purpose of your campaign and the psychological mechanism of your ad
The marketer and agency need to agree explicitly on the objective of the ad campaign and the psychological mechanism to achieve the objective.

2) Apply Brand Mark Persistently
Brand persistence should be used no matter what the psychological mechanism of the ad. This ensures that, at minimum, the ad strengthens top of mind awareness of the brand. At maximum, persistent brand presence will ensure linkage of the key visual message back to the brand.

3) Use Simple Iconic Message
Consider for a moment how your consumer is using the Internet. Are they using it to actively peruse for relevant content to address specific interests or needs? Are they using it to communicate with others via email or instant messaging? Are they playing games? Are they searching to buy something specific? Now ask yourself, what must your ad do to be visible and understood in each of the relevant contexts for your consumer? A common thread in each of these situations is the active control the consumer exerts over the media. And, in such a context, the advertisement must convey the message simply and quickly to be seen and understood by your consumer. The use of straight-forward iconic imagery and concise messaging is the key. What makes for an iconic visual message to the consumer?

4) Consider the Format
Finding the best format for each message creates a diverse online campaign which leverages many different types of media placements. The most common ad formats are banners and ad boxes within the context of a text web page. These work well for many situations. When a more complicated message is necessary, such as the introduction of a new product or repositioning an existing brand, there are online ad formats such as interstitial, gateway, and over the page units, which allow for narratives.

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