Instant Recognition

Digital Billboard Advertising on Majestic Media is a no longer a new concept with the media plans of businesses.

The ability to make an impression and deliver a message in literally the blink of an eye is an asset to any outbound marketing strategy. Consumers absorb messages as soon as they glance at eye catching digital billboards. Digital billboards offer specific advantages including:

Flexible- Engage and develop a dialogue with consumers through unlimited creative executions. Adapt your ad creative to a specific day or time period. Digital enables instantaneous creative updates to respond to real time market conditions, which is not possible with static billboards.

Targeted-Impact specific geographic and demographic audiences close to the point of sale.

Efficient-Optimize ad spending and work synergistically with other media to enhance ROI. Digital billboard ad rates are possibly the lowest cost per thousand available.

    Digital Outdoor Reaches Consumers

  • 63% say digital advertisements capture their attention.
  • 42% think digital displays create an image of quality.
  • 36% take some action based on seeing digital signage.